Alexandra Paressant is a liar

Dana Kennedy from the Huffington Post did some investigative reporting and found out Tony Parker’s supposed mistress is a liar. Earlier, a woman named Alexandra Paressant went to X17 claiming she and Tony had an affair in France because Eva Longoria wouldn’t let him give her a facial. Alexandra even went so far as to make a video for X17. Soon after, Parker filed a $20 million suit against X17 claiming the story was false. It turns out Tony was telling the truth and Alexandra is a complete psychopath.

The real Alexandra used pictures of a German model, Hana Nitsche, for her MySpace page. She then tricked Hana into making a fake video about Tony so she could send it to X17. Alexandra told Hana that it was a casting video for a love movie. She did the same thing with Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho by doctoring photos of him. Ronaldinho is also suing her.

Dana caught up with a childhood friend of Alexandra who said,

“She was never happy in her own skin,” said Marie-Caroline. “She never thought she was pretty enough. She was troubled. It was like she felt she didn’t really exist.”

Uh, yea. Who would do something this insane? This is incredibly weird. Heh heh. *Hides pictures of Jessica Alba with my head pasted on her boyfriend’s* Crazy bitch.

Video is of the girl Alexandra was pretending to look like.

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