Amy Winehouse was almost lost

The Daily Mail has a picture of Amy Winehouse wandering outside her house at 5:45 a.m. barefoot in only her bra and jeans for no apparent reason.

Barefoot, and clad only in her bra and jeans, the troubled singer emerged from a friend’s house in Bow at 5.45am on Sunday looking distressed and agitated – as her mother-in-law says she taking more drugs than ever.

Onlookers said she appeared disorientated as she wandered around on the pavement for several minutes in the freezing cold before disappearing back inside.

Maybe someone turned the heat up really high inside and Amy needed to go cool off. I’m just saying we don’t know all the facts. When a celebrity who’s been photographed with white powder in her nose is caught wandering outside disorientated and agitated, we shouldn’t always assume it’s cocaine. Because it could also be, um, damn. I got nothin’.

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16 years ago

Looove yooou Amy!

16 years ago

God help this poor woman. She’s a nutcase and a drug case but she can wear a bra—why can’t Kate Moss??