Danielle Lloyd has a new fitness DVD

Millions ask why? Isn’t there enough pollution in the world? Think of the children you heathen! Nevertheless, someone out there thought this DVD was a good investment. The press didn’t buy it and they tried to liven things up with a question and answer session.

Unfortunately, our dear Danielle is unable to string two words together without a publicist. As you can see in the banner pic, she resorted to holding up her hands to answer the following questions:

“How high can you count?”, “What is the ideal penis size?”, “What is your IQ?” and “How many minutes are left in your 15 minutes of fame?”

With that last answer, the press let out a collective groan. One reporter fells to his knees, raised his arms to the heavens and cried out “WHY??” Another journalist was seen cowering in a corner, muttering “I got a journalism degree for this??!?”

Guest contributor: Captain Swarthy

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
16 years ago

I would love to sniff her sweaty ballon-knot after a long workout.

16 years ago


Alan Shane
Alan Shane
16 years ago

Danielle is a beautiful young lady who has displayed spirit and resilience all through 2007. She has come back from the doldrums following the CBB debacle, and her career is on track. Her 2008 calendar is great. She is hot!