Fark you Jamie Lynn

Ashlee Simpson is said to be disappointed over this Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy circus because it took the spotlight off her debut video for her new album Outta My Head. This is par for the course as everyone will remember this isn’t the first time a Spears has eclipsed a Simpson.

“Her sister, Jessica, grew up in the shadow of Britney; it took years for Jess separate herself from her. How ironic that Ashlee’s big day ends up spent in the shadow of Britney’s little sister,” said the family friend.

“Jamie Lynn didn’t just steal the spotlight; she sucked the oxygen out of the week. This week it’s all about her.”

I couldn’t care less about this because Ashlee Simpson’s music is horrible and this song sounds like a ripoff of something else. A friend tried putting her CD in my CD player one time and my CD player just sort of groaned and put a few deep scratches in it before shooting it back out at his face. Afterwards, I had to beat him with a wiffleball bat for his own good.

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15 years ago

The video wouldn’t have gotten too much attention anyways.
The song, her voice, the video, is crappy.
So it doesn’t matter that much.

Electric Mary
Electric Mary
15 years ago

Pofessional people actually let her record this?. . . It sounds like REALLY bad 80’s music.