Hilary Swank is a monster

Hilary Swank is on the cover of W magazine and in it, she talks about love, New York, her metabolism and taking 45 supplements a day in addition to her vitamin injections. I guess this means she swallows almost as much as your mother. Oh, snap!

“This is my Aloe C, which I dissolve in water. Here’s my flax. This one’s for my immune system, and this one is my BrainWave–it’s great, like if I have a lot of lines to memorize. I just took my most important ones, which are my Oz Garcia Longevity Pak. I shoved them in my mouth right before I met you, which I actually shouldn’t do, because I choked on my vitamins once before.”

The only people I know who take that many supplements are ones training for an Olympic event or an MMA fight. I think this explains a lot. Like why she was perfect for the role of Brandon in Boys Don’t Cry and why when I met her she was bending a steel bar with her bare hands while, at the same time, telling me I make fun of her too much. “Why… why do you carry a steel bar around with you Hilary? Ahhh, ok. Don’t hurt me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Wow, who knew a few simple grunts could scare me so much.

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