James McAvoy takes the fun out of sex

James McAvoy talked to People and said he and Keira Knightley set ground rules for their sex scene in Atonement. Also, he suggests to chew breath mints, not to eat garlic or have a salmon-and-cucumber sandwich before doing such a scene.

“We talked a lot beforehand, so we had it figured out what we were going to do, what bits are we going to feel, and what bits are we not going to feel,” McAvoy, 28, told PEOPLE at the Chanel and Cinema Society premiere of the 1930s period drama, held Monday in New York.

That’s lame. Whenever I do a sex scene, there are no rules. I’m a rebel, baby. Although, this is Keira Knightley he’s talking about. Her body isn’t that much different from a guy’s except for the vagina thing. I can see how he’d be weirded out. The bottom half is all woman, but the top half is ambiguous. They should have gotten Tom Cruise for the movie. He would have loved it.

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