Update: Jamie’s getting canceled

Jamie Lynn Spears

In the beginning of Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy, Nickelodeon released a statement saying they respect her for taking responsibility and that their primary concern was for her well being. Apparently, that was just to buy time to come up with a two part Zoey 101 episode called, Goodbye Zoey.

The plot outline is “Zoey is offered a chance to move to London with her parents.” Expect Nickelodeon to write an epilogue before the final credits for the large contingent of pre-teen fans. Something touching like, “Zoey 101 is going on indefinite hiatus because Jamie-Lynn is a whore.”

Update: According to the people below, this was already filmed and either this season or next season was supposed to be the last season regardless. I still think they should put that tribute at the end.

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