Jessica Sierra isn’t very friendly

Jessica Sierra, a finalist on American Idol in 2005, could face up to 11 years plus 60 days in jail as a result of her disorderly intoxication arrest. Sierra was fighting with a friend in a bar which led to her slapping a police officer which led to her being arrested which led to her throwing up in the back of the police car which led to her offering sexual favors for her release which led to her being denied which led to her calling the officer the N word which led to her throwing up at the police station.

According to the police report, Sierra put up quite a fight, kicking one police officer, and telling another cop, “You f***** bi***, I’ll kick your ass. I’ll f*** you up, you whore.”

Then, while in the back of the cop car, Jessica threw up all over the backseat, begged the cops to let her go, and told them that it would ruin her life.

So desperate was Jessica to get out of this mess that she told one of the male cops in the patrol car, “Please don’t take me to jail, I’ll suck your d** if you don’t take me to jail.” When the cop declined, Jess reportedly called him “the n-word” repeatedly.

Upon arriving at the police station Jessica continued to scream racial slurs and threw up all over the place again.

Well, at least she didn’t take a dump in the squad car. That would have been real embarrassing. After this, I think the crowning achievement in her life won’t be that she was a finalist on American Idol, it’ll be that she didn’t get tasered or pepper sprayed or beat with a baton that night. I guess that’s something to be proud of.

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