Jessica Simpson is bad juju

Last week, people attributed Jessica Simpson’s attendance at the Cowboy’s game to the worst performance ever by quarterback Tony Romo. While Jessica didn’t show up to yesterday’s game, Carolina Panther’s fans decided to taunt Tony by wearing Jessica Simpson masks. It didn’t work. The Cowboy’s won.

Neither Romo nor Jessica has confirmed any relationship, but when asked if the media attention bothered him, he said,

“I let it roll off my back. It doesn’t really bother me. But it hurts me when it hurts the people that are close to you. Some of the journalistic integrity this week was poor in some ways.”

A better way to have tried to make the Cowboys lose would have been to break Tony Romo’s legs. Unless he’s like that inhuman Tom Brady who I hear gets his powers from supermodels. You’ll know Tom has zapped them of all their resources and is ready to move onto the next one when they become pregnant.

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