Kate Moss has rauncy videos

Pete Doherty is attempting to negotiate a $1 million deal for a documentary type show titled Kate & Pete: A Love Story which will be made up of home videos he took of him and Kate before their split. In turn, Kate Moss is suing Pete Doherty to stop him from releasing the tapes because some of them are “really raunchy” (read: sex tape).

But an insider told, “Kate is furious with Pete. She has contacted her lawyers and plans to get an injunction to stop the production.” Moss will be horrified if the tapes surface. “Some of it is really raunchy stuff Kate believed would never be seen by anyone else,” we’re told. “She’ll feel betrayed.”

The best part about negotiating with Pete Doherty is that he’s always high so he’s pretty agreeable. Their conversation would probably go something like this:

Producer: “Pete, how about instead of $1 million we give you a lifetime supply of pancakes, brownies, chips and ice cream.”
Pete: [Furrows his brow] “Does the ice cream have sprinkles?”
Producer: [Begins salivating] “Yes…”
Pete: “You’ve got yourself a deal, potato man!”

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15 years ago

they probably have the coolest stories though. i’m defintely making popcorn for this one.

15 years ago

Peter Doherty has already confirmed he is not going to be involved in this documentary.

Sexiest Celebrities
15 years ago

Would not want to see that Ugly dude in any videos thanks