Kate Moss shows us her lovely lady humps

Kate Moss, the woman who epitomized the waif movement, has been letting herself go. This fatty was photographed poolside, naked and sunbathing. Aren’t there obscenity laws that prevent this behavior?

She must be a size two in these photos. I can’t even see the ribs on this heifer! It’s no wonder Pete Doherty takes so many drugs. It’s to block out the sound of mince pies and fish and chips sloshing around on top of him. If she doesn’t watch it, she could end up like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

It’s shocking to see models fall off the wagon. The meat wagon that is. What women wants hips, breasts and a butt? That’s so gross. It so violates the laws of nature. I prefer the old Kate Moss. So, excuse me while I make love to this pile of kindling wood. – CS

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16 years ago

She looks like some old alcoholic bag lady.