Leelee Sobieski does the bikini thing

Leelee Sobieski

I don’t know when these are from or where these were taken. The only thing I know is Leelee Sobieski will definitely have back problems when she’s older. At 70-years-old she’ll be hunched over like a candy cane. I should be turned on, but all I can think about is the substantial medical bill she’ll inevitably be hit with to fix her deformed spine and that’ll be hard to pay off since she hasn’t had a big payday since 2001’s The Glass House. Poor girl.

Leelee Sobieski bikini somewhereLeelee Sobieski bikini somewhereLeelee Sobieski bikini somewhereLeelee Sobieski bikini somewhereLeelee Sobieski bikini somewhere

  • capt. cornhole

    Despite the fact that she’s not russian, her name is russian sounding, so whenever I see her all I can think of is her in a hot russian anal porn video. Kitty freshly shaved, jugs swaying to and fro, cornhole gaped wide open….seeing another girl clean up the hot creampie….
    I think it’s time to knock another one out!

  • Rick Da Ruler

    For starters, let’s begin with a well-deserved WOW…I’ve always personally thought that this gurl is extremely sexy as hell, in a stuck-up kinda way, but still very hott regardless…Anyway, she definitely has all the goodies to qualify…to me…Tall, pretty blue eyes, decent length hair, nice long legs, and, umm, what am I forgetting…OH YEAH, A HELLACIOUS RACK!!! OMG…WHAT ARE THOSE BABIES, LIKE D-CUPS OR SOMETHING?! I JUST GOTTA LUV AN AMAZON GODDESS LIKE OLE LEELEE(PLUS IT’S JUST FUN TO SAY “LEELEE”)…

  • immoral

    imho sobieski is a polish name, not a russian. (polish and russian sounds different.) ok, viewing from the us is not a big difference, but from hungary… :D

  • I have long thought that her rack was completely underutilized in a cinematic sense.

  • Supercharged

    Whats even better is when you’ve seen that rack in person in a very skimpy dress. When i was in toronto, canada she stayed on the same floor as me at the royal york. She was there for he Toronto International Film Festival. I bumped into her so many times that week

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