Lindsay Lohan doesn’t care

Lindsay Lohan

OK! Magazine caught up with Lindsay Lohan and asked her how she felt about the whole 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy thing. Lindsay’s answer?

“Not much,” before asking, “Why do people think it’s such a big deal?”

It’s really not a big deal. The only important thing is that now people have proof that every female in the Spears’ family is an idiot. All Jamie had to do was open up a magazine to see her sister plastered over every page trying to coat check her screaming babies at clubs. Isn’t the possibility of hindering your hedonistic lifestyle enough reason to practice safe sex? Britney would say “definitely”. I’m positive that if she found out you couldn’t leave your babies in the trunk of a car for 6 hours while you drowned your liver in alcohol, she would have never popped two out.

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