Lindsay Lohan doesn’t wear bras

The Sun has an alarming story about Lindsay Lohan’s choice in attire. Very alarming.

Famous for leaving her underwear at home in the past, Lindsay is showing no signs of changing her ways as we approach 2008.

Li-Lo was on her way to dinner at Koi restaurant in LA when she was snapped by an army of paps.

Her thin sheer top was too weak for their flashes, though, which showed off her lack of support.

I guess it gives new meaning to the phrase ‘turning on the Christmas lights’.

What’s cool about young Hollywood is that they have an incredible distaste for undergarments. That’s why, for research purposes, I glued mirrors on my shoes to see how many women in the general population don’t wear underwear either. I wanted to compare the two classes to see if this phenomenon is strictly limited to celebrities or if this is a titillating trend among young, fun girls everywhere. I love science.


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16 years ago

she is sexy,but i dont like her.i know she’s gorgeous. but even clebs are lonely sometimes, someone saw her profile with hot photos on “” a joke made by someone? but who cares. It’s said Charlie Sheen has found his perfect match there.