Lindsay Lohan is banned

Star Magazine reports that Lindsay Lohan has been banned from Shutters on the Beach Hotel in Santa Monica after spending three days there with ex-boyfriend Riley Giles. The two left the room a mess. They emptied out the mini-bar, left dirty towels and cigarettes on the floor and even left a bloody syringe on the table.

“Staffers went into clean and were shocked,” says the source. “It was a pigpen. There was filth everywhere and the room stank of cigarette smoke.

“There was also a bloody syringe that someone left lying on the bedside table on a room service tray. Hotel security photographed it before calling someone to remove it because it was considered hazardous waste.”

Lindsay is really classy. It’s amazing it hasn’t rubbed off on anyone. You’d think when you stand next to her a magical spray of colorful light would surround you to turn you from a chest thumping caveman to a top hat wearing gentleman. The reality is the only spray you’d get when standing next to Lindsay is one of phlegm after she took a long, hard drag off her cigarette. Mm, is that a piece of bread stick covered in tar on my face? How refreshing.

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