Lisa Marie is just like Elvis

Lisa Marie Pressly

At the end of his life, Elvis suffered from obesity and died on the bathroom floor. Judging by this picture, his daughter Lisa Marie’s fate might not be much different. You can call that a touching tribute to her father or one of the many side-effects of eating a lot of donuts. Your choice.

Fun Fact: Lisa Marie is the blond in the picture and the red head is her mother.

  • 2good2betru.

    Bless their little hearts.

  • She doesn’t look THAT bad. lol

  • She looks likes she’s near death.

  • jackie-yo

    she’s still tight to me, i wanna ask her to have my kids!!!!!

  • Rocky

    OMG! Look at Priscilla! How much botox has that woman used? Her face is a damn mask!

  • crys

    I dont think that she is getting fat. It looks like she has her coat on funny. You can see the phone sticking out, so that might be her hand.

  • The Rocker

    Forget Lisa Marie her mom is a babe rock on Elvis he knows how to pick em……………..owwww

  • Pam

    You guys need to leave lisa marie alone she is like her father and he was a great person and as far as priscilla goes she can kiss my …. because my oppinion is that she killed him. i think he was depressed because she left him and he went got heavier on the drugs…becasue of her…..if she would have stayed with him there is no telling what might have happened…elvis my have still been alive and doing concerts…tonight!!!!1but no lisa marie dont be like your mother!!!!!!

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