Machine Girl is family fun and afternoon time wasters

Trailer might be NSFW. Reminds me of Ichi the Killer more than Kill Bill. Either way, this is awesome. I’m sure this will be more than enough to babysit your kids with. I doubt your 5 year old will ever leave the house after watching this. In fact, I doubt they’ll ever leave the safety of the tent they made out of couch cushions. On the flip side, watching this might turn them into animal torturing deviants so… enjoy?

  • FHM: The breast commercials in the world
  • Maxim: DeNiro and Pacino are back together again. This time older and slower
  • Celebitchy: Win breast implants from Mario Lopez
  • TFT: Lucy Pinder is in a Christmas hat (Site NSFW)
  • HB: Johnny Depp is Sweeny Todd
  • CO-ED: Kristen Bell does a nice photo shoot for CO-ED magazine
  • CS: A battle of wits between two women I don’t care about
  • SOW: Mel Gibson drunk? Nahh
  • INO: The only time Alicia Keys will be in the same sentence as Nobel Peace Prize
  • NinjaDude: Hilary Duff is a nose picker
  • Egotastic: Tara Reid rubs herself down
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