Marcia Cross: Now with 100% more nakedness

Marcia Cross

In October 2006, 200 nude photos of Marcia Cross were said to have been found by one David Hans Schmidt in her trash. Allegedly, they were taken by her husband and mistakenly thrown away. David attempted to sell them to the highest bidder and thankfully, that was the last anyone heard of it… until now. Four pictures from the collection were leaked today (check them out here NSFW) and umm, yea. I guess if you like looking at a middle-aged redheaded mother of two showering naked in her yard, then you’re in luck. For the rest of you, close your eyes because it may sting a little. I’ve increased the “ick” factor by using a picture of Marcia lovingly hugging one of her twins as the banner. You can thank me later.

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