Marcia Cross: Now with 100% more nakedness

Marcia Cross

In October 2006, 200 nude photos of Marcia Cross were said to have been found by one David Hans Schmidt in her trash. Allegedly, they were taken by her husband and mistakenly thrown away. David attempted to sell them to the highest bidder and thankfully, that was the last anyone heard of it… until now. Four pictures from the collection were leaked today (check them out here NSFW) and umm, yea. I guess if you like looking at a middle-aged redheaded mother of two showering naked in her yard, then you’re in luck. For the rest of you, close your eyes because it may sting a little. I’ve increased the “ick” factor by using a picture of Marcia lovingly hugging one of her twins as the banner. You can thank me later.

  • 123

    OMG, she needs to groom – it looks like she has a package in some pics!

  • People P

    I think she looks pretty good, all things considered. Power-muff and all. C’mon now, who doesn’t like a little furry beaver every now and then?

  • Spy

    Cmon Marcia…Brazilian !!! Smooth that pussy girl !!

  • JoVa

    it seems you’re used to see PORN pics, you people …. admit, she is beautiful …

  • K99

    Marcia’s beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with girl fur. It’s not like she’s overly hairy. You can’t expect every girl to be smooth and hairless all the time. It’s probably the way her husband likes it. I think she’s beautiful. I’d do her any day of the week.

  • Whitey

    I wouldn’t do her with my dog’s dick

  • To the creator of this site: What is your problem? I think she looks terrific! How old are you, 20? Are you really that freaked out by the display of pubic hair — which was the norm for females throughout history pre-2000? (And is still the norm in places like Asia and France)? Grow up, little boy! Are you afraid you’ll get lost in the fur?

  • Stephen Johnson

    My gosh she has a beautiful body….though if I was to add my improvements……it would be to remove the the bush from below. Unsightly on a beautiful full body!!

  • To Steven Johnson: And what is YOUR problem with pubic hair? Hangups over bogus hygiene issues? Thanks to the ghastly shaving craze that’s taken America (though not the rest of the world) by storm over the last decade, most “professional” photos of naked women look air-brushed, the way they did pre-1970s. It’s unnatural, it’s lurid (It makes women look pre-pubescent) and to my eye and libido a total turnoff. Good for you, Marcia! I love getting lost in the jungle again!

  • Marcia Cross

    Steven Johnson loves my hair, he likes when I smell to fish he says that it is the real aroma of a woman. so now I don’t need to take a shower or shave my hair.

    kiss to my fans.

    btw I’m really upset but I can’t do nothing yet

  • private0805

    Those pics of Marcia Cross are very beautiful and very hot, i’m still hot and h**d after looking at that pubic crop of hers……GOOD FOR YOU MARCIA KEEP THAT NICE PUBIC BUSH.

  • Not Fooled

    Do you HONESTLY think anyone actually believes you’re Marcia Cross? Posting on here? Mmmmmkay.

    Correct grammar, people, and spelling. Why are both such lost arts nowadays?

  • madmike

    hell she looks fine and I like the bush,all these girls now shave that thing when it dont really look all that great,,keep the hair babe and i sure would do ya

  • Stoner_Brazil

    You must be a fuckin´faggot for trash-talking Marcia Cross. She might not be like Eva Longoria, ultra super hot, but she sure is charming as fuck. Maybe you like riding the cock that´s the only reason I can find for someone diss Bree like this. Legalize Marijuana.

  • a normal woman

    She is beautiful, healthy, apparently a happy wife and mom, and successful in her career. Those who criticize should look at their own accomplishments. I wish I looked that good after kids.

  • Cyndib

    This is why I tell my husband NO!!! when he suggest taking pictures of me nude. No matter how much they beg and say, “no ones gonna see them”, it happens. This is proof of that. Photos like this should be kept under lock and key or in a safe so they don’t end up in the trash by accident and on the internet some day. And I think the pic’s are pre-twin birth, I somehow don’t think her tummy looks like that anymore after the severe stretching. I know I had 4 kids and have the stretch marks to prove it. A tummy tuck will take care of that. And as far as the pubic hair goes, my husband agrees, no hair makes him feel like he’s doing a baby. Keeping it trimmed though is a must if you wear a swim suit, hair poking out of the bottoms is yuck. You don’t have to take it all off, just around the edges. She does look good for her age. And I agree with using spell check and good grammar. It sounds so illiterate and ignorant when people write like that.

  • Michael Anderson

    Not to worry, honey: NO ONE wants to see you naked. Probably not even your husband.

  • Raina.

    She should shave.. Just a little bit at least. :/
    I don’t like my women with that much.
    Kinda gross.

  • cruzin

    i think marcia is beautiful…in all her glory…those of you who are freaked by the hair..get over it!!

  • Dsalinas70

    Anyone that has anything negative to say about her is just plain foolish! This is a very beautiful, sexy woman no matter what her age. As far as the hair down below; when you’re that hot it really doesn’t matter! I wouldn’t kick her out of the bed unless I wanted to [email protected]#k on the floor! What a woman!

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