Matthew McConaughey is a pirate

Matthew McConaughey recently suffered an eye injury while training for his new movie The Grackle which is pretty much a biopic about me.

Matthew McConaughey plays a barroom fighter in New Orleans who hires himself out for $250 to settle disputes for people who can’t afford a lawyer. Harsh language and quick fists are his weapons of choice.

Matthew took to his MySpace blog to let fans know what happened and why he’s wearing an eye patch now. Not a cool pirate eye patch, but a fat piece of gauze taped to his left eye.

hey all, want to thank everyone for their support. i cut my eye ufc training for my upcoming j.k. livin comedy THE GRACKLE where i play a barfight for hire. it was a clean cut, clean stitched, already lookin good, just got another funny story to tell my kids one day…The grackle’s gonna have a lot of scars, but he gets sewn up by a vet, I’m glad I got to go to a real doctor. thanks again, in the mean time and all times, just keep livin, mcconaughey

You were UFC training… Sorry to break it to you Matthew, but there’s no such thing. MMA training, maybe. UFC training? Not quite. That’s pretty much like saying I’m WBO training or WNBA training. I don’t mean to be picky. It’s just that when you’re making a movie about my life, I want it to be accurate or else I’ll have to unleash my quick fists and foul language on you. You got that, poop face?

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14 years ago

>You were UFC training… Sorry to break it to you Matthew, >but there’s no such thing. MMA training, maybe. UFC >training? Not quite.

Sorry to break to you but there is such a thing !!


14 years ago

Sorry to break it to everyone, but has exclusive behind the scenes photos of the movie already, and has already posted the 1st 20 pages of the script. Looks like a damn good movie, to be honest.

14 years ago

good point. UFC is an organization, MMA is the sport. NFL is an organization, football is the sport. You are not NFL training, you are football training (not correct grammar, but you get the point).

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