Nicolette Sheridan slipped a nipple

More pictures of Nicolette Sheridan in her bikini with Michael Bolton in St. Bart’s came out and this time in one of them her nipple popped out. I can’t help but think that if her nipple could talk it would flamboyantly squeal, “Oh, Haiiii!,” as it wiggled out of her bikini top.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

1) 1 Can of Crisco
2) 1 Can of ice cold beer (full)
3)Lube her ass with Crisco and fingers gently expanding the hole.
4) When nearly the whole hand can fit in that hot ass, insert the beer can bottom first.
5) When the can is only showing the pop-top, open the beer while your mouth in underneath drinking the whole thing.
6) Repeat until you’ve had enough beer.

7) If she complains, get a 40oz!

15 years ago

I”m going to read capt cornhole’s comments above about 10 more times

15 years ago

Next to Jenna Jameson giving a lap dance to a dude dressed in a Santa outfit (other than her boyfriend Tito Ortiz) last week (,
this is the best story of the year. The Jenna pics are wilder, but no one I know would consider Nikki’s slip to be a bad thing.

Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
15 years ago

This gorgeous woman is, was, & shall be a SEXUAL GODDESS until further notice…THE TRUE EPITOME OF A MILF(even though I don’t believe she has ever given birth)…at least to the general public’s knowledge…I can just imagine her in a whole movie based on the “Stacy’s Mom” music video theme…or even “Hot For Teacher” the 2008 remake…Me, her, & Leelee could do some real nasty & fun things together…YESSIRREE…