No one likes Britney

What was supposed to be a photo shoot for a family Christmas card turned out to be another example of opportunistic people taking advantage of Britney Spears. Dani Brubaker was commissioned to take some personal pictures of Britney and her kids in the backyard, but without being given a confidentiality agreement, Dani was able to send out a press release bragging she took pictures of Britney and her kids.

Her fatal error, according to the source, “was choosing a photographer who had no reason to be faithful to Britney. Who knows whether Dani will turn around down the road and sell the proofs. It shows that there is no one advising this poor girl.”

Here’s part of the press release,

The photos, taken in Ms. Spears home, depict the children and Ms. Spears playing in the yard. The classic, black and white photographs are stunningly beautiful and represent the bond between the children and their mother. Ms. Spears was overwhelmed with the images. About the experience Dani says, “The kids were so adorable, it’s obvious they are well loved.”

I can’t tell if this was low or not. On one hand, Dani is exploiting Britney for more work. On the other, she says nice things about Britney and it’s not like she released the pictures (did she?). These moral quandaries give me such a headache. That’s why I carry a quarter around with me at all times. Hmm, that burger the homeless guy is about to eat looks tasty. Heads I steal it from him and run, tails I push him over, then steal it and run. Don’t fail me now George Washington.

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14 years ago

She looks like a major crack head in that picture.

14 years ago

How has she not been screwed over enough to INSIST on a confidentiality agreement?!?

14 years ago

First off the photos haven’t been published anywhere. This is a horrible example of how some nasty reporter didn’t get the kind of response she wanted and decided to come up with her own story.

Nasty Reporter = MSNBC Courtney Hazlett

Courtney – you have no clue what the truth is! And, have tarnished an amazing photographers name. I hope you get what you deserve.

14 years ago

Please offer a retraction on this. And post the truth.

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