Paris and K-Fed might have done something

People reports Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline hung out together in Paris’ room after partying at LAX on Saturday. However, they seemed less friendly with each other while partying at Pure on Sunday sharing only a shot of tequila.

Page Six, on the other hand, reports Kevin Federline “dissed” Paris at the New Year’s Eve party at Pure.

“Paris whispered some pretty sweet and enticing words in Kevin’s ear,” a Federline family insider told “She basically asked him where he was staying and if he wanted to visit her in her own suite.” According to the source, Kevin passed, but he said, “It will not be so easy to deny her next time.”

Kevin’s right. A chance to sleep with Paris Hilton is pretty hard to pass up. Same with self-castration, sticking a baseball bat in your anus, having your balls stomped with cleats and sticking a serrated knife in your ear. I don’t know how he resisted the first time. He must have the willpower of a thousand Buddhist monks.

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