Pete Wentz is banned for Christmas

Pete Wentz

Joe, a Baptist preacher, isn’t too keen on Pete Wentz’s predilection for making out with men and has banned Ashlee Simpson’s boyfriend, Pete Wentz, from coming over for Christmas.

“Joe was skeptical about the relationship from the start,” an insider told Star magazine. “There is a rumour that Pete tried to commit suicide, but with the news of his possible bisexuality, Joe blew his top.” The news has not gone down well with Ashlee. “She is upset, but she values her dad’s opinions and has agreed.”

I wouldn’t let Pete come over for Christmas either. I don’t need some emo kid regaling the table with tales of slobbery makeout sessions with guys and then crying every time he opens a present. Aww, how sweet. You see beauty in this snow globe I gave you? How about this fist. This is pretty beautiful too, right? Here. Take a closer look.

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