Scarlett Johansson has a fine nose

This week’s Us Weekly cover deals with celebrity plastic surgery and features two side-by-side comparisons of Scarlett Johansson implying she’s spruced up her nose. Us quotes Scarlett as saying,

“I definitely believe in plastic surgery,” she said last year. “I don’t want to be an old hag. There’s no fun in that”

Although she did say that, Scarlett released a statement to OK! Magazine vehemently denying she had gone under any knife and calls Us liars whose pants may or may not be on fire.

US Weekly‘s cover story regarding Scarlett Johansson and its clear implication that she has had plastic or cosmetic surgery on her nose is an outrageous and defamatory fabrication lacking any conceivable basis or proof, despite vehement denials by Ms. Johansson prior to publication,” reads a statement from her rep, exclusively to OK!. “Not surprisingly, US magazine cannot provide the dates when she supposedly had this surgery, who performed the surgery, or what was supposedly done – all because there simply is no truth to the story. The publication made a pathetic attempt to validate its story by using two cover photos of Scarlett that were taken years apart with obviously different make-up and lighting, and then relying on an “expert’s opinion” (based solely on looking at the two photos) on what “might” have been done. It wasn’t.”

Scarlett has also decided to take legal action against the magazine,

“I have always been straightforward with the press regarding my body image and I am very concerned that my fans (and perhaps even my employers) will feel mislead. Thus, I feel compelled to take immediate legal action against US Weekly.”

My advice to Scarlett is to just let it go. Magazines will print any untruth. Last week Us Weekly called me the “2nd hottest man in America” when obviously I’m “The hottest man in America.” They should really get their facts straight before printing their hurtful lies. I’m so agitated. I’m going to go eat another carton of ice cream. You’ll never hurt me, will you, Rocky Road?

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