Tara Reid is some sort of wonderful

Tara Reid showed up for a bikini shoot in Bali, Indonesia. Presumably, someone promised to pay her. With money. Voluntarily. And that’s shocking. Why would you want a 30 year old Z-list celebrity with freak show abs selling your product? Sickened customers do not give quality testimonials. Unless you’re selling Ultra Mega Strength Concentrated Milk of Magnesia. In which case, this is genius. Just paste Tara’s picture on the bottle. Your slogan: “Twice the runs in half the time”.

With that, here’s Tara hanging around in Bali after her photoshoot trying to waft her musk through the countryside. – Captain Swarthy

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
16 years ago

You know that she’s got pussy lips the size of monster truck mud flaps.
But what made me really pull my pants down and knock one out just a few minutes ago was looking at these pictures and knowing that she must bleach her hot cornhole. Thinking about that tender pink back door…
She would make some serious bank if she went into porn!
a few anal creampies…that just makes my mouth water.

16 years ago

Poor Tara, she looked so good in American Pie. The blond hair is not her, it makes her look washed out and colorless. She lost too much weight, so it makes her head look like a big ball on her body with that ball cap on. Why do girls wear mens head gear? The only hat I ever wore that was manly was when I was in the Army and I had no choice. Really girls, wearing ball caps makes women look like lesbians, I have nothing against lesbians, but since I am straight I wear girlie head gear so… Read more »