Their mother must be proud

Like Barron Hilton, Katie Price’s sister Sophia has also decided to follow in her older sibling’s footsteps. Sophia quit her job as a hairdresser to get a boob job and to become a topless model for Page 3 and maybe even do Playboy. Dare to dream Sophia. The Sun says,

“I’ve already started looking at places to have my boob job. I wouldn’t ever go massive like Kate — it would look ridiculous as I’m only a tiny 5ft 4in! I’d just like to go a bit bigger, maybe one size up to a C cup. I really like the bullet boob look at the moment. But I won’t be going topless just yet because it won’t leave me anywhere to go as a model — and that’s important to me.”

And now that she just turned 18, Sophia’s pretty excited about the future.

“I can be so much more daring now I’m 18. It felt great being able to pose in such sexy lingerie at last. Kate’s going to love the pictures, especially this one of me in the knee-high boots.”

Teenagers can learn a lot from Sophia such as, when your ultimate goal in life is to be a topless model, don’t half-ass it. Get breast implants and have some follow through. Pretty inspiring really. It’s like a Denzel Washington movie, but with fewer intense black men and more boobs.

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16 years ago

She looks like a more feminine Boy George in the face.. and that’s not a good thing, except she looks less like ugly Jordan.