They stole her pee

Paula Abdul

American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, had her pee stolen by a medical employee who happened to be an obsessed fan. He was fired on the spot and Paula had to give another urine sample. Ask and ye shall receive. 2 minutes and four beers later, it was done.

She recalls, “Well, this is gross, but I was once at the gynaecologist and my doctor said, ‘We asked you to do a urine sample, so where is it?’ “I told him that I’d left it out in reception, and when he came back he said, ‘This is really embarrassing but a man who works here is your biggest fan and he stole it.’ Needless to say he got fired. In hindsight it’s a funny story.”

That’s a great line. “In hindsight it’s a funny story.” Reporters should use that when they deliver tragic news. Today a truck hauling cows exploded after it plowed into a bus full of terminally ill kids traveling to the Make-A-Wish foundation to have their wish granted. Needless to say, a few kids died, many were injured and the cows had to be put down. In hindsight it’s a funny story.



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