This is gross

Posh Spice

The Spice Girls kicked off the British leg of their tour at the O2 Arena over the weekend. It was an interesting night as Scary Spice simulated some “lewd acts” with a male dancer, they changed eight times during their performance, Baby Spice couldn’t dance because of an injured ankle, a lump of boob flesh fell out of the side of Posh Spice’s dress in what the The Daily Mail deems “a wardrobe malfunction”….

Posh Spice

Dear lord. That goes beyond a wardrobe malfunction. I don’t know how this concert sold out in 38 seconds at $150 a ticket. Seeing a bunch of gimpy geriatrics gyrating around on stage with loose flesh gushing out of their outfits is not my idea of a good time. This is like a disturbing competition between the Spice Girls to see who can make an audience member vomit first. In other words, their world tour is a dream come true.

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