Tyra Banks didn’t tell Britney to kill herself

Earlier, there were reports that at a private party, Tyra Banks said Britney should kill herself.

“[Britney] should just go ahead and kill herself after the album and go out like Marilyn [Monroe], very grand. She should have done it after the last album.”

Tyra issued a press release saying this was completely false and she would never tell Britney to kill herself,

“Britney is a friend and we correspond with each other. These alleged statements are completely false.”

Later, Tyra was heard muttering, “No, she shouldn’t kill herself. The next time that bitch takes the last McChicken I’ll kill her myself.”

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14 years ago

I don’t know if she said that about Britney or not but from her show its quite obvious how extremely jealous and insecure person she really is. I used to think she was great until I regularly started watching her show and saw through her phony and very very jealous self. She belittles and embarrasses every guest. She points out all of their faults, even the ones they did in childhood and innocence. It seems like she’s having some kind of revenge on her guests. She takes sides and call people nasty names right on the show. Why isn’t anyone… Read more »

14 years ago

I think she is a great figre in the making. She has good enough confident to cope with the program and affects peoples lives positivel accross the globe.

She should however not forget that, crticism is part of the measuring rodes of life. Therefore she must take them in good faith.

I reall love her….. keep it up


vendetta lalala
vendetta lalala
14 years ago

similar with naomi, shes got it in with controversy. the elated, fat model, has got herself into a butload of trouble once again

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