Afternoon time wasters

Tracy First Sunday

  • Pajiba: First Sunday, the only good thing about this is…
  • Bastardly: Ellen Page has some hairy issues
  • Drunken Stepfather: Jessica Alba still ashamed to be pregnant
  • CityRag: Robert DeNiro takes you to bed
  • FHM: Doomsday?
  • Celebitchy: Kelly Osbourne will save Amy Winehouse
  • TC: Thank you Mel B
  • TFT: Monica Belluci in lingerie (Site NSFW)
  • DRW: Tera Patrick at AVN (SIte NSFW)
  • HB: Brad Renfro is dead at 25
  • SOW: The Oscars and Grammys will go on
  • CS: Sarah Gellar at a premiere
  • Dlisted: The world’s biggest peen. After me. Stop laughing
  • BWE: Top 10 reasons clowns are scary
  • College Humor: Corey won’t take off the glasses. He also was popped for child porn
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