Amy Winehouse is doing fine

Amy Winehouse

The story of Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil no longer seems rooted in reality. Looking in from the outside, the situation feels more like a Saturday morning cartoon or a poorly scripted Nickelodeon show. For example, yesterday, Amy Winehouse, now blond and even more haggard, made an appearance at Blake’s court hearing. Amy yelled out, “I love you handsome, gorgeous one,” and blew kisses at her husband. She then told reporters, “I am not talking to you.”

One day, Amy will show everyone how sane she is. She’ll tie a chain to the bars of her husband’s cell and her car, then gun it in a poorly thought out plan to bust him out. And then who’ll be laughing? Hmm?!

Amy cries ‘I love you’ to jailed husband [Yahoo]

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cornhole is a loser
cornhole is a loser

Victor?, what is up with that picture? totally awesome.

cornhole is a loser
cornhole is a loser

**i’m gonna kick ur ass***

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