Amy Winehouse smokes crack on tape

The Sun posted footage of Amy Winehouse smoking crack 19 minutes after she snorted ecstasy and cocaine and admitting she took six Valium to bring herself down. The video shows Amy wandering around a crack den bellyaching about her cat she thinks someone stole. “If I was that cat I’d leave on my own accord – I’d call a cab. It ain’t right. This ain’t Toys R Us. They took my cat.”

In spite of what everyone believes, Amy Winehouse can be helped and it isn’t through rehab. All you have to do is replace her crack pipe with one of those kiddie bubble pipes. That way, instead of a high like no other, she can play with the bubbles that come out. There’s an off chance she’ll notice something is amiss and try to stab you with a dirty needle, but look, bubbles!

Bonus: Amy Winehouse strips in the middle of a department store to try on clothes. Just like Britney!

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13 years ago

Haha, u’re calling the woman’s house a crack den? Lol?

kevin Jahn
kevin Jahn
13 years ago

Someone remind me why I should care. If you want to find out where Whinewhore ripped her grove from search Sharon Jones on youtube.. I don’t understand what happened to slow up natural selection. until it works itself out we are stuck with the Paris Hiltons, lohans, spears and whinewhores. I’m so happy that celebs get breaks legally, they always learn their lesson and never repeat offend. These showbiz nitwits may be vapid and void but it is the truly stupid (and if you have ever bought a STAR PEOPLE US IN STYLE etc etc this means you)that feed a… Read more »

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