Anon isn’t joking and time wasters

I don’t know Anon. The Church of Scientology runs their servers on alien technology they discovered in a volcano.

  • Bastardly: Heidi Klum promotes mineral water
  • Drunken Stepfather: Chantelle Houghton in a typical upskirt
  • CityRag: Girls kissing girls
  • Bossip: Ladies love Cool James. Whatever. This is what I call Thursday night
  • FHM: The title of the new Bond film is… drum roll please
  • Celebslam: Someone direct Matthew Perry to a buffet, on the double. Get it! On the double?! Double chin… hey, who threw that tomato?
  • Celebitchy: Tina Fey’s gyno was concerned for her mental state
  • CS: Joel Madden happy being a father. Eye liner for everyone
  • Egotastic: Eva Mendes topless in Maxim
  • Dlisted: John Gibson mocks Heath Ledger’s death. That’s not very nice
  • SOW: Lucy Liu’s dress has a tumor
  • College Humor: The greatest wrestling move ever
  • ASL: Lindsay Lohan’s celebrity drug dealer wants a book deal
  • HB: Owen Wilson buys a $300 bong
  • Not You

    Fuck ’em, they’re no better than these vitriolic angsty Shirley Phelp cunts. Just what the worold needs. More vague aggravation. Really, just decide on your collectively ill defined favorite kool aid flavor.

    Your fucking CAUSE o’ LULz is as big of a lie as any GOD. REJOICE! Chug that kool-aid. Nummy!

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