Update: Anonymous responds to NBC

The war between Anonymous and Scientology managed to receive mainstream coverage from NBC yesterday and true to fashion, Anon posted a response. Transcript under the cut. Instead of using a computerized voice to do the talking, they should get a phone sex operator to do the voice over. That way, I can listen to their plans to take down the cultish religion and get a boner at the same time.

Update: Anon released the Scientology manual. Torrent / Rapidshare. Highlights include,

Control = Income.

As any control we exert upon the public brings upon a better society, we are entirely justified in using control.

One must discover what is best for the applicant and then control him into obtaining it. Leaving it up to his “self-determinism” is really leaving it up to his reactive mind.

Free will is overrated anyway. Making my own decisions requires me to think. I hate doing that.


Dear News Organizations.

We have been watching your reporting of Anonymous’s Conflict with The Church of Scientology.

As you said. The so called, Church of Scientology, have actively misused copyright, and trademark law, in pursuit of its own agenda. They attempt, not only to subvert free speech, but to recklessly pervert justice to silence those who speak out against them.

We find it interesting that you did not mention the other objections in your news reporting.

The stifling and punishment of dissent. within the totalitarian organization of Scientology.

The numerous, alleged human rights violations. Such as the treatment and events that led to the deaths of victims of the cult such as Lisa McPherson.

This Cult is Nothing but a psychotically driven pyramid scheme.

Why are you. The news media. Afraid of discussing these matters?
It is your duty to report on these matters.
You are Failing in your Duty.

Their activities make them an affront to freedom.

Remember. All that is necessary. For the triumph of evil. Is that good men do nothing.

This information is Everywhere.

It is your Duty to expose it.

It is easy to find.

Google is your friend.

This is not Religious Persecution.
But the suppression of a powerful, criminal fascist regime.

It is left to Anonymous.
The Church has been declared Fair Game. It will be dismantled and destroyed.

“When Anonymous, sees an evil fascist brainwashing organization.
Anonymous knows, it has to help mankind. Because Anonymous knows that it is only Anonymous that can help.”

Members of the Church.
Anonymous is not your enemy.
The Church of Scientology is your enemy.
The Church has enslaved you.
Free Yourselves.

Change, does not roll in, on the wheels of inevitability.
But comes through continuous struggle.
Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor.
It must be demanded by the oppressed.

Take it. Demand it.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget.

This is only the beginning.
Expect us.

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Jemmie Adaire
Jemmie Adaire
13 years ago

scientology is CRAZY! i dont know how anyone could get sucked into that CULT! good job anonymous, for bringing this vicious group into the eyes of mainstream media.

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