Avril Lavigne does a blue bikini

Yesterday Avril wore a pink bikini, today it’s blue. What will it be tomorrow? I hope it’s something shocking. Like gray. Gray! Who wears gray bikinis?! I bet Avril does. She’s such a rebel. Oh, I’m gushing with excitement! More under the cut.

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Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
13 years ago

When Avril wears things like this, she’s so damn doable…Even though I’ve never really been into the whole goth/punk/SK8TR look thing(esp. on an otherwise sexy looking chick) I can always see through their “disguise”…See WTF it is that they’re so ashamed of physically(apparently)…Like Avril USED to be…but my “Baby Dracula” is cumming around now as far as accepting her beauty…And I say THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT…

12 years ago
Reply to  Rick Da Ruler

You do know she’s Canuck? So that means she only has sex in the dark wearing plaid flannels. Can you say ‘tease?’

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