The day after Britney and Sam Lufti had their big argument, Britney and Lynne Spears visited the Mercedes dealer to soothe the pain. She signed papers for a recently purchased, brand new SLK 350 Mercedes Benz which was delivered to her house and paid the $55,000 price tag in cash.

Later on in the night, Britney was driving it around when she chose to take a short cut home one of the paps told her about. It turned out it was through the hills which made her think she was about to drive off a cliff. Britney eventually stopped her car, got out and complained about being frightened and dizzy. She started talking in the British / Hong Kong accent again. Eventually, one of the paps rode with her home to alleviate her fears.

Why is she driving a car? Britney gets stuck on that game where you put different shaped blocks through their corresponding holes. Letting her maneuver a 1 ton car isn’t the best idea. It’s like letting a pack of hyenas loose on a movie theatre full of babies.