Britney Spears has a restraining order

The LAPD slapped Britney with a temporary restraining order when she took her kid hostage last Thursday to “stabilize the situation.” The order, called an “emergency protective order,” will be enforced for five business days.

“The person it’s placed upon would have to stay approximately 100 feet from the other person, or face arrest,” says LAPD spokesman Mike Lopez, who could not confirm the restraining order on Spears. “In most cases, it’s issued by officers when there’s the possibility of imminent and immediate danger to the victim.”

You know who else has a restraining order against Britney? Foster Farms. “No you may not live on the farm, Britney. Please stop feeding Oreos to the chickens. No matter how many they eat, they won’t taste like chocolate and their eggs won’t have a sweet, creamy center. It doesn’t work that way. What are you… Oh, nice. Steal a chicken. Real mature.”

Tell me something about that banner pic. Why is Britney’s top falling down when she has a flat tire?

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