Britney Spears has been committed

Britney Spears was forcefully hospitalized on another 5150 hold last night. This came about after her psychiatrist came over and was alarmed by what’s been happening with her the past few days. Not only that, Britney hasn’t slept since Saturday. The cops were called to take her away. Britney is reportedly numb to what was happening around her. When her psychiatrist told her she was being sent to the hospital, Britney said,

“Is something wrong?” She was not resistant. She made hot chocolate and waited before paramedics arrived and placed her on a gurney.

Britney has been sent to UCLA Medical Center and placed on a 5150 hold, meaning she’s a danger to herself. Currently, the ensuing media storm has caused LAPD to use code when talking about Britney over the radio. They call her “The Package.”

At least ten motorcycle cops, two regular squad cars and handful of autos packed with family and friends made up the fleet of vehicles accompanying Britney’s ambulance to UCLA.

TMZ says this was planned days ahead. The FAA even cleared airspace for the route to the hospital. With all this commotion, Britney probably thinks she’s the president. They should’ve strapped her to the top of the ambulance instead of inside. Then she could wave to people just like royalty (at the same time, the ambulance could hit a few speed bumps at high speed). Us normal folk would be so happy we’d throw chocolate at her in appreciation. Chocolate or rocks or chocolate rocks. Wouldn’t you like that Britney? Chocolate rocks?

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13 years ago

I want to see her uncensored cunt pics.

13 years ago

r u Crazy..that second hand or used item u want to see..but i always wonder how it is taste like..hi!Hi!

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