Britney’s lawyer quits

For the fifth time, Britney Spears skipped her deposition in her ongoing custody battle with Kevin Federline. Last time, she claimed she was sick and couldn’t go, but was later seen driving around LA. This time, she didn’t even make an excuse. As a result, her lawyer, Sorrell Trope, filed a request to withdraw from her case. This is the third time Spears’ lawyer has asked to quit. Trope says, “There has been a breakdown in communications between (Spears) and Trope & Trope (law firm) making further representation of her interests impossible.” Meaning, Britney didn’t listen to her lawyer’s advice and everything she does makes things worse.

At this point, there’s no way Britney is getting full custody of her kids. She probably won’t even get full custody of her pets. In fact, anything mammalian sounding needs to be kept away from Britney like hot dogs and horse radish. I doubt she even cares. If you asked her what she was fighting for, she’d shrug her shoulders and say, “Chili cheese fries? I don’t know. What’s with the 20 questions? Pass me that drumstick and that stick of butter. Britney’s hungry!”

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