Christina Aguilera’s baby is worthless

A deal that would have put Christina Aguilera’s baby boy, Max, on the cover of OK! Magazine has fallen through. It is believed Christina thinks very highly of herself and asked for too much money even though her wedding cover on OK! underperformed. A friend of Aguilera disputes this and thinks the real reason a deal couldn’t be reached was due to Christina’s demands that Nicole Richie’s baby couldn’t appear in the same issue.

According to a person familiar with Aguilera’s contract, the terms include a promise that a magazine that buys the Aguilera baby photos may not run photos of Nicole Richie’s new baby. “Christina can’t stand Nicole,” said a source who knows Aguilera. “Nothing would make her more upset than to see those two babies on the same cover, even if it wasn’t at the same time.”

The funny thing is Christina and Nicole’s baby were born on the same day. If OK! Magazine tried to do a photoshoot of both their babies together, on the cover of the next issue you’d see Christina’s baby sitting there happily while Nicole’s baby was being yanked away through the air by Christina. That would be awesome. Because that way OK! can claim Nicole has a flying superbaby just to piss Christina off. When everyone reads it, they’ll be disgusted by Christina’s normal baby that sits there and blows spit bubbles and doesn’t fly.

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