Court denies visitation rights for Britney

Britney’s lawyers asked Commissioner Scott Gordon today for “visitation in a therapeutic setting.” They devised a “creative way” of treating her bipolar disorder so she wouldn’t have to commit herself and wanted the kids to be able to visit her. Her request was denied. Boo-ya! Britney’s visitation rights will remain the same. That is to say, no visitation rights.

Once again, Britney did not show up at her hearing that she requested. Actually, Britney did show up. She drove her Benz to the courthouse, but left shortly after replaying an earlier incident in which she did the exact same thing.

It’s doubtful anyone feels sorry for Britney Spears now. She’d rather drive around with Adnan and hit up gas station restrooms than secure visitation with her kids. As her kids grow older, they’ll discover mommy was content to ditch them for Frappuccinos and sex. The fact that their mother thinks they’re worth less than Starbuck’s iced coffee — granted, that stuff is expensive! — may have a profound impact on their lives; crippling their psychological development. I mean, that’s if being dropped on their heads by Britney doesn’t do it first.

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13 years ago

What’s really pathetic is that her behavior is so outrageous that it’s as if she is trying as HARD as she can to make sure she will NEVER get any custody or visitation. It’s as is she sits there thinking what to do next to make herself look like an awful mother…dress trashy, run around doing drugs, ditch the custody hearings, sleep around with married papparazzi, throw some good old traffic violations in there, flash her underwear and or crotch, refuse help for her bipolar disorder and drug problems. It’s kind of late to convince anyone of her parental fitness… Read more »

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