Edison Chen / Gillian Chung sex scandal

Edison Chen

Update: Apparently, this is huge news in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan because these people are major stars there. Earlier, the foreign papers reported these as fake, even showing how they could be photoshopped, but after all these new pictures came out, they’ve relented somewhat.

My knowledge of celebrity doesn’t extend too far beyond English speaking countries, so I don’t know much about it. Just that, now, more pictures have come out of these girls and include one more girl, Cecilia Cheung and… CHRIST ALMIGHTY, IS THAT THING ALIVE DOWN THERE? Kill it! Kill it!

Trivia: Edison was in Infernal Affairs which was subsequently remade by Martin Scorsese into The Departed.

Edison Chen stars in the Grudge 2 and possibly The Dark Knight and will be in the upcoming Hayden Christensen movie Jumper. And he’s also in these nude photos with two girls that go by the names Gillian Chung (vaj shot) and Bobo Chan (??). I figure some of you know who they are. I have no idea. I just want to say to the ladies letting their partners take pictures of them in a state of undress, please, for the love of god, wax or at the very least trim. Every time I see these sex scandal pictures I always feel like I need a safari hat and machete just to make it through all of them. By the way, the pictures are NSFW. A lot more after the jump.

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Every picture so far: here.

Bobo Chan’s: [M | R]

Untagged: Gillian, Cecilie & Vincy: [Mega | Rapid | Zshare]


Edison Chen announces he is quitting Hong Kong showbiz.


Edison Chen has delayed his return to Hong Kong.

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