Ellen Pompeo doesn’t care

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo was seen jogging through L.A. in a see through shirt. Witnesses described her nipples as sad and disgruntled. And yea, I can sort of see how they could think that. They’re definitely not as perky as mine.

Ellen Pompeo jogsEllen Pompeo jogsEllen Pompeo jogsEllen Pompeo jogsEllen Pompeo jogs

  • hustler

    Nah how come meredith be this trashy!! in my mind she’s decent,tidy and neat at least! C’mon meredith,wrap urself up well when u go out

  • MC

    She jogs in jeans? Her nips are not much to look at so no need to make a big deal out of it, I’ve seen better ;)

  • Jay

    C’mon, her nips ain’t that bad! And jogging in jeans? Very risque’.;oP

  • Ag

    wow, jogging in jeans and in a black shirt, very hot isn´t it?
    She must had been late for an appointment or something….

  • koko

    hm…will get more and more saggy if she doesn’t wear bras while jogging. she really doesn’t care.

  • Are you kidding?? She’s beautiful and her breasts and nipples are perfect. This should not be a trial where we get to rate everyone’s bodies.

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