Eva Mendes is cleavagey

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes showed up to the premiere of Live! with a low cut dress which showed off her cleavage. And why wouldn’t she? It’s her movie. Interestingly enough, Live! is billed as a mockumentary. A direct contrast to the genre of my movie. Awesomementary. Huh? Yea, exactly. In your face grammarians.

Eva Mendes Eva Mendes Eva Mendes Eva Mendes Eva Mendes

  • Rick Da Ruler

    Eva is another one those “looks-absolutely-freakin- gorgeous-on-film,and in her posed shots type of gurls, but in just a regular ole Kodak moment types of pic is still mighty doable indeed, but NOWHERE NEAR AS HOTT as that other Eva in “Ghost Rider” or “Hitch”…

  • Steve

    god id love to fuck her tight ass

  • Kiel

    Dude that is the Eva chick from “Ghost Rider” and “Hitch”. I’m not really sure if you need glasses or not, but you should get your eyes checked

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