Eva Mendes slips an areola

Eva Mendes was on a French TV show, whose premise is apparently asking celebrities questions via a TV monitor, when part of her nipple slipped (areola) out of her “provocative” dress.

Areola is awesome, but asking questions to people in a small room through television is creepy. That kind of stuff is only supposed to happen in movies like Saw or in my basement. Video above, screenshot below.

Eva Mendes flashes

  • nicefellow31

    Man o man. I love me some Eva and I love that aureola.

  • Max

    It’s areola, you retards.

  • Fixed

  • Manu

    About the french tv show : “the questions box” (la boite a questions) is only the last part of the show.
    It’s broadcasted the day after the live. “Question box” interview is done at the end of the “live”, but recorded for the next day.

    See :

    “15-01-2008” show :)

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