Eve used to be a stripper


There are a lot of things about Eve I don’t know about. For instance, she’s really good friends with Sean Penn as evidenced by the fact that Sean posted her bail when she was busted for DUI. And she used to be a stripper as evidenced by these pictures that recently came out of her… stripping. Although, I’m not sure what they’re doing constitutes stripping. It’s more like they’re groping each other while crumpled dollar bills are being thrown at them. Not much different from what happens at your average country club save for the feathery black thing being shoved into that one girl. Pictures NSFW.

Eve past experienceEve past experienceEve past experienceEve past experienceEve past experience

  • w00tah

    Man, those pics are hott, too bad there isn’t better angles of the dildo and 3 way munch out!

    I can’t beleive she’s into this stuff.. i’ve seen her 20 second sex tape clip of some dude dildo’n her, but this cuts the cake.

  • P

    WTF! In the 2nd pic to me it looks like they are shoving dildo’s in eachother!

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