EXCLUSIVE: Heath Ledger’s last bowel movement

Heath Ledger final

You’ve seen and read about his last pictures, his last interview, his last days on set, his last voicemail and his last conversation. Now hear about his last time on the can. Sources close to the deceased star dish about the details of Heath Ledger’s final bowel movement.

“Heath was having a good time, eating burritos, laughing and then. Then that’s when things turned to shit. Hee hee. Heath clutched his stomach, doubled over and high-tailed it to the bathroom. Thirty minutes of moaning later. He came out. Worried. I should have seen the signs.”

One witness said,

“I saw it dude. It looked like he gave birth to a baby. A little brown baby made of corn.”

Heath Ledger died on January 22. His body was discovered by his masseuse and housekeeper. Paramedics were unsuccessful in their attempts to revive him with CPR.

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