Farewell Jerry O’Connell, I barely knew you

Jerry O’Connell parodied Tom Cruise’s Scientology video for Funny or Die. The results were pretty amazing with a nearly spot on impersonation of Tom’s sinister laugh. Although, one has to wonder. What are the odds Jerry will be found dead and naked in a sewer? Where can I place bets?

In other news, famed internet group “Anonymous” has declared war on Scientology according to this press release.

Anonymous’ members cited several reasons for their actions against the Church of Scientology: many have stressed the alleged human rights violations under the auspices of the Church.[1] Others accused the Church of fraud due to its costly ceremonies, while some merely sought the entertainment they refer to as “lulz,” a corruption of the Internet slang “LOL,” or “laugh out loud.”

Who are anonymous?

Anonymous is a collective composed of many Internet users, combined under one name. The group gained fame through popular image-boards and accrued influence both on the Internet and the real world. They have launched offensives against a wide variety of targets, including the social website Habbo Hotel and various White Supremacy entities. Anonymous played a major role in the capture of Canadian pedophile Chris Forcand.

Sorry, Anonymous. No one escapes the long arm of Tom Cruise. He’s an evil mastermind and his reach goes far beyond those of mortal men. All hail Tom Cruise.

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14 years ago

we are legion.

14 years ago

That was hysterical! I love Jerry O’Connell. Tom Cruise is nuts.

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