George Clooney is a long time prankster

Back when George Clooney first started out acting making guest appearances on shows like Roseanne was known as a prankster just as he is today. Laurie Metcalf [Roseanne”s sister on the show] recalls the time when Clooney dug out a piece of art from a dumpster and told his friend he had it specially made for him.

“He once found some art in a Dumpster, and told his friend Richard Kind [Spin City] that he’d commissioned a painting for him from this up-and-coming artist. Then George presented him with this painting . . . I think Richard still thinks it’s from some classically trained artist.”

I’m known as a prankster myself. What I like to do is go to a bar, get one of my friends really drunk and tell them that that obese, mouth breathing woman working on a plate of hot wings in the corner is flirting with him. I give him a few words of encouragement, assure him she looks just like Heidi Klum, shove him in her direction and watch the magic. The next morning when he’s helplessly trapped under that thing from last night, I bust into his room and yell, “Gotcha!” Sigh. Good times. Good times.

Trashterpiece [Page Six]

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