Heath Ledger is dead

Heath Ledger

2006 Academy Award nominee Heath Ledger was found dead in one of his homes in Soho by his housekeeper at 3:35 p.m. EST. Police do not suspect foul play and say prescription sleeping pills were found near the 28-year-old actor’s body. Paramedics failed to revive him with CPR and pronounced him dead at the scene.

The 28-year-old actor has a two year old daughter with former fiancee Michelle Williams — they separated in September, 2007. He plays The Joker in the upcoming Batman film, “The Dark Knight” and is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking role as Ennis in “Brokeback Mountain.”

That really sucks. People believe it was a drug overdose because of the pills, but the cause of death has yet to be confirmed. The 911 call described it as a cardiac arrest. R.I.P. Heath Ledger. I think I just heard a legion of Batman fanboys callously yell out, “Nooo, did they finish filming The Dark Knight?!” in some sort of collective, solemn nerdgasm-mourning thing.

Update: The New York Times says he was found in Mary-Kate Olsen’s apartment (Mary-Kate was in Sundance at the time attending the premiere of The Wackness) [WTF?]. The masseuse and housekeeper opened the bedroom when no one answered and found Ledger “naked and unconscious on a bed, with pills scattered around his body.” Another source says the apartment is in no way related to Mary-Kate.

Update #2: Heath Ledger had a coke problem. Although, a friend tells TMZ he has been clean for a year. The housekeeper found him lying face down in the bed.

Update #3: Heath Ledger may not have committed suicide. He was sick with pneumonia when he died.

Heath Ledger

  • Cher

    So sad! Waste of a life!
    Don’t do drugs kids!!!

  • Mallow Mind

    What sad news. Why can’t people handle breakups? Where is their faith in knowing that perhaps it was not meant to be and there is love for them in the future. Being alone hurts but we must go deep sometimes to learn about ourselves which is not always easy to do but we come out on the other side loving ourselves and knowing our worth. It may be found that he ACCIDENTALLY overdosed but let’s be truthful here, He Created the Situation For His Life To End. My prayers are for him, his family and loved ones who will forever be pained by this tragedy.

  • Lily

    Very very sad. What a talented actor and humble person he was. R.I.P., Heath. <3

  • Nicolina

    Aww, this is rubbish. Poor guy.

  • chewy

    I guess he was taking the writer’s strike pretty hard.

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